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Laura Morcone, Director of Admissions Technology & CRM at SUNY New Paltz wanted to share an interview she had with Hannah Leuthauser, Coordinator of Enrollment Technology at SUNY Potsdam for Colleague Corner.

This interview is a light hearted and informative glimpse of what it is like for a second generation admissions employee to navigate the world of enrollment management and implement Slate. Check it out here and enjoy!

A Letter from the SUNYCAP President


As Spring travel is starting to approach it is the time of year to think about the annual SUNYCAP conference. Please reserve June 12-14 for the 49th Annual SUNYCAP Conference and another great professional development opportunity. The Conference will be headed back to gorgeous Niagara Falls Conference & Event Center. 

The SUNYCAP E-board and conference planning committee have been hard at work securing wonderful speakers and starting to put together many great options for workshops. As always there will be plenty of time for networking with fellow admissions colleagues. Get ready to get your cornhole game up to par as we hope to have as many teams as possible enter the tournament to help raise money for our local charity.  

The Nominations/Election Committee has sent out their call for nominations. I encourage everyone to get involved by responding to the committee’s requests. If you have been nominated for a position, please consider running. When you receive the ballot, please don’t forget to vote!

Each year, SUNYCAP makes available approximately $10,000 in grant and scholarship opportunities for paid members to attend national, regional and statewide conferences, meetings and seminars. If you are interested in taking advantage of professional development opportunities but your campus cannot afford to send you, consider applying for a professional grant or scholar-ship. All we ask in return is that you give back to the organization by, for example, writing an article for Endeavors or becoming involved in committee work, etc.

In closing I want to wish everyone a safe Spring travel season and hope that May 1st finds everyone with solid numbers and anticipated full residents halls. I truly hope to see all of you in Niagara Falls on June 12th!


Josh Gregory
SUNYCAP President

Troubling report sparks a viral social media campaign and conversations about inequality

Inside Higher Ed reports that NACAC’s study on high school counselors’ understanding of community college and transfer processes has sparked a fire. The findings of the report call attention to the persisting stigma that community colleges are not as good as four year institutions.

In response to this report, Steve Robinson, President of Owen Community College in Toledo, OH has initiated a #EndCCStigma social media campaign and it has caught the attention of many.

“We’re affordable, far more affordable,” he said. “But that comes with the stigma that if it’s not expensive, it can’t be good.”
-Steve Robinson, President of Owen Community College

This campaign is also creating an opportunity to talk about why community colleges have a stigma. Matt Reed argues that the stigma’s root goes far deeper than the quality of institution or what they are offering.

“It’s part of a much larger set of issues around race, class, and the conflation of privilege with prestige.  In redeeming community colleges, we need also to redeem the idea of equality. “

– Matt Reed, Vice President for Learning at Brookdale Community College

These issues are permissive throughout our society. How do we combat them? A social media campaign is a great start, so how do we keep the momentum going?

Recruitment Strategy, SAT/ACT Requirements, Competition…oh, my!

Hey gang –

Take a few minutes to skim over the 2018 Survey of College and University Admissions Directors by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup. You can find the key findings of the report on pgs. 7-8.

I would also recommend checking out the recruitment section results. The findings show that undergraduate, minority, and first generation student recruitment will continue to be the focus for the next year. Surprise!

While this is a national survey, it’s interesting to think about it in the context of SUNY, especially with the most recent address from the Chancellor. What do you think?

Freshman Year: The Foundation for Success

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Hi all!

Even though we are in the throes of applications and gearing up for spring travel, I wanted to share a submission from Brittany Aiello from SUNY Cobleskill. 

Brittany discusses what she believes to be the most critical year of a student’s high school education through her experiences and graduate studies. 

Take a break from those apps and read it here!


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